Melton Hill Lake is surrounded by Anderson, Knox, Roane and Loudon counties in East Tennessee. It covers 5,690 acres, 173 miles of shoreline and runs 57 miles in length from Melton Hill Dam to Norris Lake Dam.

Melton Hill Lake was TVA's 21st river control project. It serves the purpose of producing electric power, navigation, recreation and maintaining an adequate supply of water. Because it is not used for flood control the level fluctuates only about five feet throughout the year.

Construction began in September 1960 and ran until May 1963. Melton Hill has been generating electricity for its area since 1964. During construction up to 1200 people could be found working on the dam at any given time. The total cost of $38.5 million included 4.1 million man hours. The dam itself is 103 feet high and 1020 feet in length and consists of approximately 250,000 cubic yards of concrete. Melton Hill's watershed encompasses 3,343 square miles. The lock is a 75 ft X 400 ft chamber and is a 60 ft lift from Watts Bar Lake.

This beautiful lake provides year round activities with fishing, camping, picnicking, waterskiing, jetskiing, swimming, public parks, public access areas, boating, bicycling and more. A fishing trip could land you such catches as rock bass, sauger, white bass, white crappie, spotted bass, warmouth, largemouth bass or rainbow trout. Boat ramps are located both above and below the dam in order to allow access to the Watts Bar and Melton Hill Reservoirs. Melton Hill also boasts an International Rowing Course and was home to the 1981 Pan America Canoe & Kayak Championship.

The serenity of Melton Hill Lake, which touches Oak Ridge on two sides, is the ultimate haven for Oak Ridgers who can’t resist the water. The lake is central to community activities.

An international rowing course has been established on 5,690-acre Melton Hill Lake. In 1981, the Pan America canoe and kayak championships were held there, and the site is considered by the United States Olympic Committee as a premier training ground for American Olympic-class oarsmen.

Melton Hill Dam was the 21st river-control project TVA built. Work began in September 1960. The dam closed and the lake began filling on May 1, 1963. Melton Hill Dam is located on the Clinch River 23 miles upstream where the Clinch enters the Tennessee River. The dam is 57 miles downstream from Norris Dam, TVA’s first Dam. A month later, TVA opened the lock to commercial traffic. A year later, Melton Hill was generating electricity for the people of the region.

With 173 miles of shoreline and 5,690 acres of lake surface, Melton Hill is a popular attraction for boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, and other outdoor activities.

Along the lakes shorelines are county parks, a marina, several public access areas, beaches, and campgrounds.

Melton Hill Lake provides Crappie, (Late April-May). White Bass (Late Feb.-April). Largemouth (May-June) in millfoil patches. Bluegill (March- Oct.), Muskie (year-round)


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